Warning : Jesus is contagious!

A child-like heart gives us a whole new perspective on God. I have seen the way my 2 year old dances to music and, let me tell you, that’s what we called “undignified”. Her steps have no meaning to us but when God sees her dance, he becomes crazy happy. So I decided to use these ” undignified” moves even when in public. And WAW!! It is hard to be shameless or inhibition or self. But when you give yourself into the worship, into dancing without pride and ego the atmosphere around you and in you goes for a shift immediately.

Unless we be like little children we cannot even see the kingdom of God”

Children do not have logic but they do have wisdom! Logic is what we call worldly wisdom. Worldly wisdom and godly wisdom can never be on the same page. For the world, Godly wisdom is foolishness. God chooses the weak to move the strong. God chooses to be glorified through the broken. God chooses to love and accept the messed up ones but the world chooses to reject them all. Godly wisdom does the “unthinkable”, Godly wisdom does the “impossible”. That is the difference between godly wisdom and worldly wisdom. And these little ones are born with godly wisdom. They are born with genetics of love, forgiveness, joy, happiness etc. It is the world that alters the pureness of these children.

In Mathew 21: 15 and 16 we see Jesus’ identity and praises coming out from the mouths of the children and we also see Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees saying ” from the mouth of children and babies, I’ll furnish a place of worship“. The children were not bothered by who is getting offended when they praised Jesus. And these kids were the only ones who praised Jesus openly without fearing the Pharisees. Why? It is because they carry a heart that is sensitive to God. And that is why they are able to move freely and fearlessly. So we need to have a child-like mind and heart ALWAYS. And the only way that can happen is through the renewing of our minds.

Living a God filled life is adventurous because He never fails to surprise. And having a child like heart, allows us to view God’s methods and plans from a beautiful perspective.

For God every dance move we do, every step we take in faith and in belief, every so-called meaningless step we take is huge for God.

So I want to encourage all of you to simply go crazy for God. Be it during any song or worship, be it during your personal time, be it during a public meeting just worship God as a little child.ย  Because when you know Him and, when you know how He knits you together and moves all that is around you to benefit and grow you to your best form, what else is the sane response rather than being madly in love, madly filled with joy

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