You pushed for me

Just as a mother in labor

To birth a child in Your reflection.

You carried me all this time.

All to win me and my heart made of dust.

You didn’t give up on me, as I did.

You didn’t leave me in the middle, as I did.

You strived till the cross and beyond,

All to win me and my heart made of dust.

You let yourself be broken and scarred, 

the flawless image of the Holy God,

Made as a man and born into the dust.

You bore the pain. You bore the shame.

All to call this heart Your own.

You pushed for me, 

just as a mother in labor,

To birth a child in Your reflection.

You pushed for me,

When I was as helpless as a babe.

You were always there for me.

You stayed in all my long nights.

You’re here now and You love me. 

You sing lullabies over me

You give rest to my soul. 

And as I grow in the light of Your love,

I learn to love You as You love me.

And though I stumble and fall,

You pick me up and hold me

‘Till I learn how to run and how to fly.

Teach me to love You, Jesus!

The way You deserve to be loved.

Teach me to honor You, Jesus,

With this heart made of dust.

I wanna be like You.

I want others to see You.

I want You to shine brighter in me

For all the world to see

Help me to run the race to do Your will

every day and for all my days

This will be my worship!

Our blog for the week is a beautiful poem by Sandra on the mothering nature of God. Just as a woman that travails in labor, God strived to birth us in His image on the cross so that you and I can now be reborn with the identity of sons and daughters of Heaven.

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