You are always here with me.
Wherever I go or whenever I come
You are there for me.
My parents took maybe a  month or two to choose what to call me.
Yet, before the formation of this world
You foreknew my name,
The perfect creation, the moulded one that is me.
You knew I wouldn’t be PERFECT.
You knew what my CHOICES would be
You knew the DOWNFALLS I would see
But, You still delight in Me.
You know the mistakes that I’ve committed
and the mistakes I will commit.
Yet still, You will never ever stop loving me.
Because You sent Your Son, Jesus
So that an Issac-like me
wouldn’t have to be sacrificed.
For me to be all that You made me.
For me to be set truly free.
Oh!! Your thoughts for me
are undefinable, unfathomable.
And yet perfectly planned,
for the creation That You always
believe I could be.
By Melinda Olympia Pinto
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