Sometimes faith in God calls you into the last place you want to go. It compels you to challenge the trajectory you have set for yourself. In 1 Kings 17, God sents Elijah the prophet to famine hit Zarephat, to find a widow who would feed him. This same woman who is slowly walking towards certain death and down to her last morsel. However, Elijah was willing to take the last morsel from the woman and her dying son because he submitted his logic to God’s will. The woman too did the most astounding thing by giving up what little she had before hunger stole all her life away. Through this unwavering faith, God steadily pulls her and Elijah into abundance for many days.

Faith is not positive thinking. Faith is the expectation of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). The only tangible evidence of things that are inconceivable. This interaction between God, HIS prophet and this hungry hopeless woman teaches us one thing; don’t let your life be about that piece of bread. But live by the word of God that says the just shall live by faith! (Hebrews 10:38, Romans 1:17)

When we live, trusting in what God has said we will surely eat of His supernatural provision for all our days (1 Kings 17:1-16). Faith is not doing that which is within Human logic but it goes beyond our minds and into the territory of God’s good will for us.

If your life is being lived on the fuel of our limited rationality then it’s time you picked up the shield of Faith. The shield that Apostle Paul talks of is the roman shield that could withstand and deflect fiery arrows. The shield was a massive thing and it had to be wielded unwaveringly. A Christian will face threat. Often the path of faith God sets us on will cause conflict. Many of us will come under pressure to make a move or act within reason. But if God’s word for you is to wait then wait for what He wants to reveal. God never disappoints. God has no deadline only perfectly intricately laid plans for His ransomed children.

The point of having a shield is to step out of fear of missiles and into the promised victory. So what are you afraid of? The righteous will not lack bread. What’s holding you back from picking up the shield? The righteous will not be moved. When faith takes you into conflict, hold on. The faith of the Son of God was to walk into a house of mourning and to call death just sleep (Matthew 9:24).

Look beyond the fears that you are facing today. Look beyond your logic and ability. Look at the goodness of God and His promises over you in Christ. Wield your shield everyday.

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