A father and a son are setting off on a road trip. They are both excited. The little boy is excited because he has never seen, experienced or known what lies ahead of him. The father has been through this path. He has taken this trip. He knows every bend in the road. He knows all the best routes. Nevertheless, the Father is excited beyond measure because, He will get to experience this trip with his beloved son.

The father packed the tent, the clothes, all the food, money and other provisions that they may require on the trip. The child of course had packed a bag full of junk he wanted and he thought he needed. Since the father’s patience was great, the kid got to keep a lot of the stuff, which not only took up space in his life but also distracted him from the journey, this time with his father.

Once the truck was loaded and they were ready to leave, the boy decided to take the driver’s seat, even though he didn’t know the path or even how to drive. In fact, he could barely see over the steering wheel! The father could have easily removed him from the seat. Yet, the fathers love for His child was so great, that the only force he ever used was the force of his love. Soon the father found himself in the driving seat, with his exuberant and silly little boy on his lap.

The child kept pressing down on the accelerator. He tried to turn the wheel. He even tried making engine noises with his mouth. However, of course the car remained rooted in their parking lot. The trip could start, only when the child finally listened to the father and ceded control of the car.  Even when the child misunderstood his actions and was often upset that he couldn’t drive, He was a good father and he knew not to put his child in danger by allowing him to do what he isn’t ready to do. Finally, the child obeyed, trusted, hoped and loved every minute of the great unknown with the father that he got to know most deeply as they sped along the way.

“Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us” – Romans 5:5.

The bible reminds me to let God take over, to let go of the steering wheel, to take my feet off the accelerator and ride shot gun. My father knows every bend in this road. He knows all the best places to take me to. All I am required to do is remain beside him, trusting him, at peace knowing that this journey is one to be enjoyed and full of hope about what lies ahead.

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