Our lives are like a funnel. Unless the funnel is positioned correctly, we can’t receive everything we need from the source! 

I grew up in a locality where we would often go to the ration shop to buy our monthly rice & sugar from the government. While standing in the queue, I would observe the shopkeeper pour oil/kerosene into the containers that the customers had brought with them. I have very strong memories of watching so much oil go waste because the customer would not position the funnel right as the shopkeeper pours out the oil !

Your heart and your attitude is your funnel to correctly channel the anointing you are called to carry. Which means preaching, teaching & prophesying, the ministry itself, is not the big deal. What truly matters is the funnel, i.e., your heart and your attitude behind the anointing. And submission is key to maintaining this funnel.

In 1st Samuel chapter 1, Samuel called a Saul, who deemed himself unfit to become the king of Israel. Yet as we move on, we see in chapter 13, Samuel had asked Saul to wait for him before offering the sacrifices to God but Saul did not. And here came the response from the Lord “I will appoint a man after my own heart.” God is looking for people who are after His heart and not after their own!! And God’s heart is linked to His leaders. Samuel was God’s chosen leader. He deemed it key for Saul to chase after His heart by submitting and leaning into Samuel. And this is not without ground. Samuel was a man who grew up inside the temple in the presence of God from the age of 3!

We are all called to be bearers of the Kingdom of God. So let’s all keep an eye on our funnels, positioning it correctly and avoid wasting the anointing that God is pouring out. Let’s all learn to submit and lean on the leaders and shepherds that God has placed in our lives for correction and guidance.

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