Joshua was born into slavery in Egypt. He watched Israel being tormented by the Egyptian slave masters who made their lives bitter, with harsh labor, beneath harsher whips. He watched Moses bring hope to his broken people and witnessed the plagues tear apart Egypt. He watched the Red sea part for the children of God, only to drown the Pharaoh and His army. He watched Manna fall from the sky and water pour out from a rock.

He was walking the desert with lakhs of people who witnessed the same things he did. Yet unlike him, they got discouraged and rebellious. When Joshua was sent to Canaan with the other spies, only he and Caleb were able to see beyond the might of the giant Canaanites and be confident of their victory through the Almighty God of Israel.

He saw the power and will of God, shepherding Israel to the Promised Land and he was able to believe God to deliver on His promise. But because the rest of Israel doubted, complained and grumbled, Joshua had to watch everyone he crossed the red sea with, perish and die in the wilderness. Forty years later, Joshua was still in the desert, still burying his people. The last one he lost was his beloved, revered leader- Moses.

God chose Joshua to be the leader of the remainder of Israel. So he supernaturally overcame the might of Jordan only to face the mighty walls of Jericho. Where others saw a dead end, Joshua saw the captain of God’s army with a drawn sword (Joshua 5:13,14). After seven days of uncompromising obedience, Joshua watched the walls fall down.

The obstacles Joshua faced were great and mighty. From Pharaoh, the red sea, the merciless desert, and the giant Canaanites to the walls of Jericho, God’s strength proved mightier still. What he witnessed, gave him boldness to order the sun and the moon to stand still and they obeyed him. The bible records it thus “There has been no day like it before or since, when the Lord heeded the voice of a man, for the Lord fought for Israel.” (Joshua10:14)

Our life may be full of ups and downs, threats and obstacles, glory and humiliation. If we look at our circumstances, our challenges and our oppressors with the Joshua View, all we will see is the Sovereign God who is on our side. What is before our eyes may be unfavorable, impossible or unimaginably painful yet if we turn our eyes and look at the cross we will surely only see victory through Jesus.

Dearly beloved, when you look ahead, if you heed God’s voice, He will surely heed yours and fight your battles for you, grant you days where even the sun and the moon follow your schedule. The Joshua view is not mere optimism. It is a savage old way to see the world through the unshakable knowledge of the greatness of God. If you watch for the greatness of God, surely you will see the goodness of God.


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