Many of us are familiar with the parable of the sower (Matt 13:1-23). Here Jesus talks about four different seeds or rather four different kinds of people who take in and respond to the ‘Word’ or what I call ‘The Heavenly Pill’. We are all encouraged by the message God speaks through different men of God like pastors, prophets or bible teachers and if the Word relates to us we even respond to it by giving away a shout of ‘amen’ or ‘praise the Lord’. Now let me ask all of you this – How many of us take in the Word with us as we retire to our homes from church or any other revival meetings? How many of us protect this Word from the attack of the devil? And how many of us take in ‘The Heavenly Pill’ on a regular basis.

Today most of us are amazed by God’s word yet we fail to take it inside our hearts. Because of this the moment we step out of a church or a revival meeting, since we have placed the Word on the surface of our hearts and rather not inside, the evil one sees it and snatches it away (V.19).

“Some of the seeds were cast in the gravel” (V.5,6). I used to belong to this category of believers who hear the Word from a man of God and receive it instantly in their hearts and responds with enthusiasm and yet they still stumble and fall in their walk of faith because they had no root. When pressures or persecutions comes to them because of the Word they tend to fall because their root was not in Jesus. In Ephesians 3:17 it says, “…and I pray that you being rooted and established in his love..”, and also in the book of Colossians 2:7, “be rooted and built up in Him”.To be rooted in Him simply means to plant our feet in His love.

There is still a third category of believers who take the Word inside them and meditate on it day and night and they still fall. You might be wondering what went wrong with these believers. Most of the believers, young and old fall under this category. Their main problem are the worries of their day-to-day lives and the seduction of wealth. In Matthew 13:22 “…the worries of his life and deceitfulness of wealth choke the Word, making it unfruitful”. I don’t think as long as we are going to be on earth there is going to be a decline in our problems. But I can tell you all this, if our joy is on Jesus then the obstacles in our life will simply be a small dot on a big circle, negligible enough to be left unnoticed.

Now lets see the last seed that was cast on a good ground. The bible tells us that this seed went on to produce a harvest beyond the sower’s dreams. For us to produce a  good harvest in the spiritual realm we need to take in the pill from heaven into our hearts and not keep on the surface were the enemy can snatch it away easily. We also need to protect it from our selfish motives and desire and plant our feet inside God’s love. Once all this is done we have prepared a good soil within ourselves for the seed to flourish and the harvest will be in superabundance.

Imagine we are having an ailment and we drive miles away to get treated by the best doctor in the country. Now at the hospital the doctor gives you a prescription and tells you to take the pills at intervals instructed by him. You now drive all the way back home and now tell me this. On reaching home if you haven’t bothered taking the pills prescribed by your doctor, is there any use of taking the pain and driving miles away from your house in order to get the best treatment? Today many christians drive away to distant lands in order to hear God’s word from anointed men of God. But let me you this if you are not prepared to take in ‘The Heavenly Pill’ all your efforts in making into the best revival meetings are all going to be in vain.

God is our doctor and he has given us the pill – ‘The Word’ for our treatment and he has also specifically given the duration up to which we are supposed to follow – till the second coming of Christ.

Midhun Mathew is a B.Tech student and a member of HOH church,Manipal. He works with HOH ministries as an author.

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