It was just another Sunday Service for which my family and I were headed to. We had the regular service where first it was the worship, followed by the Sunday School which the kids were supposed to attend. The teacher came in and told us that it was the memory test day. I got really shocked and scared because I forgot to read the scriptures. We were supposed to come forward and tell the verses which we were to recollect from the previous few classes. All the other kids came prepared and were able to tell a few verses and then came my turn to go front. My heart started to beat really fast, my mind went blank and I felt very ashamed because I couldn’t even tell one verse from the Bible that day.

I was always a person who couldn’t sit and read the Bible. And there were times where I felt like I’m not even a normal Christian because I didn’t know the basics from the Bible. And I would really get disappointed about myself and these thoughts would lead me to neglect reading the Bible because it’s human tendency to stop focusing on things which you are not able to do. But with age, I started to be more mature about things and was able to read the word.

Few years down the line, an incident that shook me was when my pastor texted me and told me that the Lord spoke to her to involve me in the Bible teaching team at church. I gave her the same reasons which Moses had given when God told him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. I never saw myself as a teacher of the Word. Eventually, I joined the Bible teaching team, and things were getting quite difficult for me. Teaching ministry requires a lot of hard work as it involves research, referring to a lot of books, knowing the history and culture of people in the past and understanding the context. Honestly, I wanted to quit because I couldn’t take it all. And this is something I want to talk about in this blog – The Fight for the Vision!

We often get very involved and focused on accomplishing things that God has planned for us. But there are times when things don’t go our way. For example, take a look at the life of Joseph. He was supposed to be in the palace but ended up in the pit and from there to the prison. And at this point, sad to say, many believers quit or burn out. I believe that the process is the most important step in reaching our goal. But how do we react when things don’t go our way? We need to go back to the start and look at the vision again!  We always get so involved in the process that we forget the vision. Every time I felt like quitting the teaching team, I would go back to those text messages that my pastor had sent me, and that would keep me going. So I would like to encourage you all that if you’re going through a tough time in accomplishing your vision or have lost your way somewhere in the process, go back to the start. Go back to the place where it all began! 

With this I would like to leave you all with a scripture from Philippians 1:6 (NASB) “For I am confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

 God bless you all. 

Our Guest author for this week is our dear Melrick Stephen Pinto. A relentless lover of Jesus, he is one of our lead instrumentalists and worship leaders and has been a part of House of Healing Ministries since 2013.

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