I asked my Maker, “Who am I?”,
“You are my seed”, my Creator decreed.
Should I believe my Creator,
Or must I glance at the fertility of the soil?

I find myself in dry ground, darkness all around,
None to seek and no one to find,
But my Father told me, “Take root in dry ground.
Because All it takes is All you’ve got”.

I stopped searching outside,
And I started seeking within,
I found faith, hope, and love for every day,
I found what I was earnestly looking for, right inside of me.

A bowl of flour and a drop of oil is all you need,
He said, “I am the spark, I am the firewood”,
The waters of this world cannot extinguish,
The fire I light, inside of you.

So put me in a grave, I’ll rise up,
Put me in a flood, I’ll soar above,
Put me in fiery flames, I’ll walk out unharmed,
Surround me with an army, victory is mine.

It’s not my choice, It is my destiny,
To turn every dry ground into an oasis of water,
Because I am the seed of God, the seed of Abraham,
I will take root, in dry ground.

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