Sitting in my room 

My eyes desire to gaze at Your beauty because 

For me the natural is never enough

Sitting in my room

My heart is overwhelmed by a Father so good because

For me, the minimum is never enough

Sitting in my room

On bended knee, I surrender my heart to serve You only because

For me, the ordinary is never enough

Sitting in my room

Where you are with me and I am with you, because 

For me, the time is never enough 

Sitting in my room

I will dwell in the heavenly moments with You because 

For me, the alternative is never enough

I will remind myself each day that Your love for me overflows

I will sing of it and Your mercy that never fails

Until my heart stops beating and my lungs stop breathing 

For me, just one song is never enough . 

And sitting in my room,

to comprehend and know You fully

For me, all of my days will never be enough.

Our guest author for the week is Sandra George with her simple yet honest poem on the relationship she shares with God within the walls of her secret place. 

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