What does it truly mean to be a living and breathing product of the cross? Have you lived almost the entirety of your life as a product of the mistakes that you once made, regretting the years that went by? Are you a person who has lived receiving the gospel but being unable to live it out? Are you a person who has lived in fear? Are you a person who has allowed an “orphan” mentality to dominate and take over. A “victim” mentality to take over ? A “there’s nothing I can do about it” mentality to overtake you?

This is because you haven’t truly become a product of the gospel that saved you. You haven’t become a product of the cross; you are still a product of the oppressions that you were saved from. You might have had the faith to say “yes” to your spirit being saved, but often we compromise on saying “yes” to our soul and emotions being transformed and changed to the likeness of the Spirit

Let me tell you, you need to have a change of mind! Because the bible says “Just as a man thinks, so will He be”. A negative thought process or an inferiority complex may not look as extreme as a pornographic addiction. But just as God wants you to live free from sexual immorality, He wants you to live free from the oppressions of your past.

Living as a product of the past looks like this: I lived as a product of my past oppressions long after I said yes to Jesus and His love. When it came to finances, there was a part of me that would almost always feel abandoned or orphaned because I felt let down by the ones who were meant to provide for me. When it came to love, I lived life as a product of offence and bitterness and being unable to erase from memory the people who once wronged me.

I lived facing my future with an attitude of the past! It’s never a good idea to see God through the lens of your circumstances.

Living as a product of the cross looks like this : And over a period of time the Father started reminding me of what I needed to let go; moreover the intensity of what I need to receive. There is a measure of love that you need to let in, in order to surpass the intensity of the pain of your past.

Suppose you’ve fallen into a 6 feet deep pit, it is understood that you need at least an 8 feet rope to pull you out of it.

Isn’t that what the cross offers each day of our lives? Jesus went the extra mile, He did it all.

Imagine that a bottomless jar of His love given to you. You can either apply His love with the tips of your finger onto those open wounds or you can lavishly drown those wounds with His love. The measure you let in is your choice.

You might not be at the stage where you see your character changing or your emotions stabilizing. But if you have reached a stage where you are walking with God for Him to show you “the true” you, then you are starting to live as a product of the cross. But don’t just stop there, take advantage of that reckless love singing over you!

The beauty of the gospel is that each day is an opportunity to start afresh, like the past 20 years never happened. When you truly see the gospel being birthed in you, you will live each day anew; you will live with the memory of His love crashing over you like it was the very first time; you will have a memory loss of your past!


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