In last week’s blog we saw how God’s presence granted Joseph favour and elevation at Potiphar’s house, the prison and the palace. No matter where he was placed Joseph excelled and influenced because God blessed him to have higher standards than others. Another lesson from Joseph to us lies in how Joseph’s experiences prepared him for his purpose.

The graph of Joseph’s life was dramatically crooked with sheer highs and lows. After his brothers betrayal came slavery and just when everything was going well with him at Potiphar’s house, Potiphar’s wife framed him and he was imprisoned, not just in any prison, but the place where the king’s prisoners were bound. The Lord was with Joseph in every rise and dip of his life.

In Genesis 39 we see how Joseph found favour and oversaw the matters of the very prison he was held at. From Genesis 40 onwards, we see how God’s hand uses Joseph in interpreting the dreams of the chief butler and chief baker who were imprisoned with Joseph. When Joseph’s interpretation was proven right he asks the butler to remember him.  The butler takes 2 years to remember Joseph when the Pharaoh’s dream turns strange. At this point we see, God orchestrated events such that no man, but Joseph could interpret the Pharaoh’s dream and this lead to Joseph stepping into a massively influential place, being the ruler over all of Egypt.

Even in the prison, Joseph had the right perspective and found purpose in the present. The bible says that while he served time in the jail the Lord prospered everything he did. We often become dysfunctional when we live believing that a particular place or country or a stage is required for us to reach out or serve or influence. But the truth is we, living from the truth of our position in Christ Jesus and reminding ourselves that our identity is not in the titles of the world but being the sons and daughters of God, makes us efficient and raises our standard of service. This attracts favour and more influence to reveal more of Jesus and the culture of heaven wherever we are placed.

Another thing we noticed was the chief butler failed to remember Joseph for two years, even though all of what he interpreted came to pass. But at the appointed time, the king had a dream and when nobody could interpret it, the man with the Spirit of God was already trained and prepared to step up and take charge to act with wisdom in the face of calamity.

Notice that it was not the destination of being the ruler over Egypt that is emphasised in this story but Joseph’s lifestyle throughout every dip and rise of his journey. What is revealed here is not just the palace or ruler’s position, but the posture of his heart-to serve and reveal and glorify God. The preparation throughout, enabled him to stand before the king and reveal the greatness of God.

Joseph teaches us to see our circumstances as the training ground where we are moulded to uphold the responsibility that accompanies the promises given to us by God. Joseph shows us that it is indeed possible to hold onto God’s promises even when our reality may seem to be the stark opposite. The purpose of the present pressure is to prepare you to push back against the pressures of the power that you will inevitably face.

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