Joseph’s story begins with a boy and depicts his growth into a young man of influence.

How can we relate this story to real life? Starting off from Joseph being sold as a slave to Ishmaelites(Genesis 37:28) after which the Ishmaelites brought him to Egypt and there he was bought by Pharaoh’s officer, Potiphar (Genesis 39:1 onwards), where he found favour, prospered and was successful in all he did. All of this was because the Lord was with Joseph and this was most evident in the scriptures (Gen. 39:4).

So Joseph found favour in Potiphar’s sight, and he served him well. His master made him supervisor over his entire household and Potiphar put all that he had in Joseph’s charge.  The revelation from this chapter of his life and growth is about how the one constant, i.e, Gods presence, brought him elevation, promotion, favour, influence in his life. Its relatable to most of us and as Christians, we don’t go to our workplaces or colleges, or anywhere we are placed, just to benefit ourselves and to be served. Rather, we go with a purpose to influence and to operate from a position to serve others as we carry the presence of God in us.

 Joseph was bought as a slave, but still found favour and had influence because of the presence of God. When the pursuit of our heart is to do everything according to God standards and to being lead by Him, and the desire to build and make every place look more like Him, we also will be noticed and given greater portions and influence.

 For example, when everybody around you finds a reason to blame the authorities and complain about their circumstances, you can stay grateful and faithful, knowing it is God who ordains your steps. When we renew our mind to our position and identity in Christ, it will enable us to reveal more of Jesus as it fills us with joy peace and hope.

 Dear brothers and sisters, in every place you are at, hold an elevated standard, not unto men but as unto God, and this comes from a place of being aware of the purpose in the present.

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