Jesus was on the road somewhere in Judea, when a rich young ruler came running and knelt before Him (Mark 10). To the rich man, Jesus was an unconventional and often controversial teacher, who seemed to be a promising source of the clarity he was seeking. He spent all his life obeying the Law of Moses, yet here he seeks some settlement in the matter of acquiring eternal life. Finding the teachers of the law around him inadequate, he seeks out the “good teacher” and asks

“What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?”

The very first thing that Jesus addresses is how the young man perceives Jesus. He called Him “Good teacher”, because he had not yet believed Jesus to be the Lord. He asks, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.” Jesus is challenging the young man for trying to measure the goodness of those around him. Jesus is telling him “If you don’t believe in my Godhood then do not call me good, for no one is good except God.”

The young man felt good about all the laws he kept. He felt well versed with the law and  its practice. Compared to those around him, including some teachers of the law, he felt he was doing really well. But Jesus immediately raised the bar.

“Stop measuring up to the Pharisees son, stop flexing your moral muscles to establish that you are better than most around you. Just look up. See His goodness. Can you measure up to His goodness? No, you can’t. It’s impossible for you. That’s why I am here. For I AM WHO I AM. And what you seek is only possible through me.”  With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.

To each of us, He says,

“Son, you can never be good enough for heaven without my goodness. So quit it. Leave it all behind. Come follow me. Bear the cross in knowing that it is only because I bore your sin that you have righteousness. Bear the cross in being ready to let go of all, for the truth of the gospel. Cause if you stand by me, shortly persecution is about to befall me and you will suffer with me for the truth I teach. When you seek eternal life, this is what you sign up for – My goodness and conflict from the world. But I am worth it son. So come along. I go to save the world and you go to preach it!”

Put all of your trust in Me. Let go of all your inadequacies or inadequacies and embrace My word as truth. Don’t just learn from Me but believe in me for your salvation! Believe me. You need me, son. Nothing you do is going to be enough. So just let go and let me do this for you. Let me settle your debts. Let me feed you. Let me provide for you. Let go, son. I promise you a hundred fold of whatever you will have to let go. If you lose your mother’s love because you believe in me, I’ll give you a hundred fold. If you lose your fathers protection because of your faith in me, I’ll be your Father and your defender forever. You won’t lack in love, you won’t lack in bread. And surely you won’t lack in goodness because I will be sufficient right here, right now and forever more (Mark 10:29, 30). They mocked me, and scourged me, and spat on me, and killed me. And the third day, I rose again.”{Mark 10:34} Let go and come along. Rise with me. I’ll multiply you.

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