When God loved Abraham He asked,

Do you truly love me Abraham?

Abraham said, “Yes Lord, I do.”

Go to the mountain then

Lay Issac before me that I may test your love.

Abraham said “Yes Lord, I shall.”


The rational mind will call it, preposterous, evil, too much.

My logic would scream,

“The Lord I know, would never say so!”

“I am old and I imagine the voice of a false god!”

“My son would be warm by his mother’s side.

That’s what a good God would want.”


Answer me this,

Yes, Abraham had to lay down his little boy

His beloved, his heart on that mountain top.

But, whose love was proved on that mountain top?

Was it Abraham who was proven worthy?

Or was it a Good God, the loving Father

Who provided the lamb in place of the boy.


Not far from there, not long after

The good God chose to walk His beloved son

All the way up to a mountain top

He watched in silence, heaven bankrupt

As He nailed His heart to a cross

Instead of Issac, once and for all.

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