My daughter is almost 2 now. Among the things that I am still learning from her is love and joy. All that I see her do the entire day is laugh around. Even if we fake cry, she comes and hugs.

This is because babies are born with Jesus in them. It’s like they are programmed with love and joy as the key words.

Love is the greatest gift of all! And these kids carry this gift! That is why the word says in Mathew 18:4 β€œUnless you are converted and become like little children for whoever is humble like a child is the greatest in heaven.” Children are the most purest forms!

In Jeremiah 1:5 God declares “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb“. Yes this is so true. From the moment he created the atom to form matter, He started speaking into the atom. So all that the atom has ever heard is the voice of God. Even after the matter was then knit together to form a cell still the only thing that it ever knew or heard was the voice of God. Even when all the cells continued to come together and form a body, still the only thing it knew was the voice of God. Even when that cell was placed in the mother’s womb to form a baby in a duration of an entire 9 months until it came out into the world, so the only thing it has ever heard is the voice of God(literally). So when the baby is born, the baby has no filth, it has no adultered substance, it has no impurities. It is the only purest human form on planet earth!! That’s why they carry so much of love and joy.

That is exactly how we need to be. The only thing that should enter into our hearts and minds should be voice of God! Jesus is the ONLY purest form EVER!!! And when you have the purest form in you, you will automatically be pure. Simple as it is!!!

There were times when I have been really upset or cried, and my daughter immediately would come running to me and say “mama mama” and smile. And the moment I look at her, every bitterness or every anger or every sadness would immediately go away and i start to smile. How? Because my little child and everything in her, every atom, all her matter, every cell, carries what she ever knew and ever heard before and that is God.

When we hold the knowledge of God’s work in us as a primary and basic part of our being, we become humble like a child. What happens then, is that we carry around us a ring of glory, of joy and love that God has placed in us and everywhere we go, it starts to spread.

When we become child-like and trust in the voice of our Heavenly Father and come under the influence of his nature above all else, in every way we spread his nature of love, goodness and purity.

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