God is Love.

Pure, Holy, Unconditional and Unending.

Are we longing for a love of that nature?

One defined by Him?

Or are we chasing another?

For in the relationship where You are the third cord,

There is steadfast confidence.

That which you have joined together,

No man can tear asunder.

I need, Oh Lord, I need

Agape in my home

So I trust Your timing and

I surrender to Your will

What is it that You want from me, Abba?

Patience and trust?

In that I lack severely.

Yet I know in surety

Your grace will suffice.

But You foreknew, we cannot love truly,

Without You ingrained in us,

Even so You’ve always loved and given,

Always the first.

Such Mercy, we never deserved.

And this is a part of me that desires to love like You,

You’ve created this in me.

I’ll long for it and I’m not ashamed of it.

I want You to be the centre of everything.

And in You, I choose to want everything.

I want, Oh Lord, I want

Agape in my home.

Our blog for this week is a beautiful poem was penned by Guest Author, Sandra M George, a dearly beloved youth of our church and member of the media team. At 19 years old, she is our joy and pride and we so inspired by her wholehearted love for Jesus and His Bride.

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