What if the reason Jesus came was not just as a solution to our problems, but to change our response to situations? What if He is more interested in the way you respond to debt, to disease, to hurt, and to failure ? What if He came not just to eradicate the power of sin over our lives, but to transform all of our days? What if He’s interested in using you as a prophetic vessel? What if He is using the entirety of our lives and not just the breakthrough as a means of speaking to generations?

God always did away with the prestige that comes through genealogies. He chose a Hannah to birth a Samuel and a Rahab, a gentile prostitute, to be a part of the genealogy of Jesus.  He used them because their journeys proved far more worthy than the bloodlines they had. 

Let’s take a look at Hannah. Many of us have experienced multiple situations of impossibility, of bareness. How many of us have felt like quitting? Hannah could’ve quit. She could have gotten bitter and angry. But instead, she persisted. She turned her life into a legacy. God was preparing her womb for greatness and she was rewarded with a Samuel for her surrender. She then surrendered even her greatest breakthrough, because of her covenant with Him and received many other.

Hannah’s entire life had become a testimony, it wasn’t just the breakthrough which came as a Samuel. The crushing brought out the sweetest wine.And we all have the same choice. We can let the problem destroy us completely hardening our hearts or surrender to God and bring about the sweetness of Jesus through us. 

Today when we look to Hannah, we are amazed at the way she persisted in God. We are amazed at the way she leaned onto God. Her entire life became a prophetic sign to us. A sign that God doesn’t turn away from our bareness. A sign that persistence brings fruit.

As you read this, I invite you to cry out to God to use your life the way He wants to use it. Give your whole life to Jesus, not just your impossibilities. Give yourself as clay in the potter’s hands. Let Him mature you on the inside, building a strength that no man can break. And let that become a prophetic sign to the nations.  In today’s time, we are given so much more than what Hannah had at that point in her life. We have the sweet Holy Spirit inside of us. We don’t need to wait a year to listen to the voice of Jesus as Hannah did. We have everyday, every moment with Him waiting for us to turn to Him. 

God isn’t just interested in whether you birth your Samuel, your biggest breakthrough. He is interested in using the entirety of your life. The way you live, the way you speak, the way you think, the way you move. He is interested in the way you respond. 

If God could do so much with a yielded Hannah in the old covenant, then how much more can He do with yielded men and women in the New Covenant?

Will you give Him your whole life today?

Our Guest author for this week has chosen to remain anonymous

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