Have you ever felt confused about why some days you feel a strange void or a stagnancy inside you, while on other days you are like running water, gushing and full of life? 

Has a situation or encounter, that went against your own assumptions or even against your comfort zone, triggered you into a state of restlessness?One moment, you may be floating inside your own little bubble, while the next moment, you learn of a whole world outside your bubble. Or maybe, for you, this pandemic was vice versa.

Maybe the clock of your life isn’t moving as fast you want it to, or maybe it’s moving too fast or maybe your clock seems frozen and not moving at all! 

If all these questions are yes, fear not! You are not alone. Life has different ways to show progress. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, stressful, amazing, mysterious, confusing, peaceful, chaotic or XYZ you may be feeling in this moment. Yes, let’s leave a blank space to fill whatever emotions you feel at the moment. But whatever position your heart is in right now, remember that God is the center focus of all life. (Selah)

As we are living in a time frame of a different awakening and renewed perspectives, it is very important that we stay focused on what is within ‘our control’ than on that which is beyond one’s expectation or ability. The pace of our current season is not for us to decide. Only our response to it is within our hands. Hence as a growing Christian, let us be humble and open to learn what God is speaking to us. Just like a child sitting on a conveyor belt that keeps moving on and on, He wants us to be mindful and in awe, growing each day with a cheerful heart and filling up on His goodness, taking in all the sights we see along this adventure. 

In conclusion I want to share a verse saying “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” (PS 16:9).

May the name of the Lord be glorified! Amen.

Our blog piece for today was a collaborated work written by
Jemy Vinoj and Jocelyn Ann Kurian, who are members of our Manipal Congregation and beloved friends of the church. We hope the piece resonates with you and stir you to a more focused living.

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