Our Pastoral Team

Dr. Stephen & Ps. Nimfi

It was in the year 1999, that a 14 year old Stephen Samuel heard God’s voice and


surrendered his life to His will. Since then he and his loved ones watched in amazement at how God transformed his life and captured his heart with His love.

From leading worship to sharing the word at conferences and camps, God has graciously given Stephen a number of opportunities to serve and bless the body of Christ all across India

Ps Stephen Samuel is the founder of House of Healing Ministries and Carries a great passion to reach this Generation with the transforming love of Jesus. Stephen heads the House of Healing Ministries and carriers an apostolic mandate with a heart set on building the kingdom of God and igniting a strong passion for God in the lives of lost souls.

Stephen’s life exemplifies a testimony of his passion to serve God and people with his heart. On June 3rd 2013, God blessed Stephen with a partner Nimfi Abraham. He and his wife Ps Nimfi are blessed with a beautiful daughter Hannah.

Ps. Leon & Karen


Leon Jeremiah had a life changing encounter with the Lord in the year 2003 when he was 15 years old. Since then he was passionate about spreading the word about the Father’s love. He started ministering to young lives from his college days and hosted a prayer fellowship in the confines of his apartment as an engineering student in Manipal.

In the year 2013 he started ministering as a worship leader in the House of Healing church, Manipal under the leadership of Pr. Stephen Samuel. In 2015 he was appointed as a prophet and and was officially ordained into this office at House of Healing, Manipal.

He is married to Karen Leon Jeremiah who supports him and stands with him in carrying the Fathers heart. Leon and Karen are Associate Pastors at House of Healing Church, Manipal. After serving the the church in Manipal failthfully till Feburary 2016, they have moved to New Zealand, where they were blessed with a baby boy, Zion.