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Many of us are familiar with the parable of the sower (Matt 13:1-23). Here Jesus talks about four different seeds or rather four different kinds of people who take in and respond to the ‘Word’ or what I call ‘The Heavenly Pill’. We are all encouraged by the message God speaks through different men of God like pastors, prophets or bible teachers and if the Word relates to us we even respond to it by giving away a shout of ‘amen’ or ‘praise the Lord’. Now let me ask all of you this – How many of us take in the Word with us as we retire to our homes from church or any other revival meetings? How many of us protect this Word from the attack of the devil? And how many of us take in ‘The Heavenly Pill’ on a regular basis.

Today most of us are amazed by God’s word yet we fail to take it inside our hearts. Because of this the moment we step out of a church or a revival meeting, since we have placed the Word on the surface of our hearts and rather not inside, the evil one sees it and snatches it away (V.19).

“Some of the seeds were cast in the gravel” (V.5,6). I used to belong to this category of believers who hear the Word from a man of God and receive it instantly in their hearts and responds with enthusiasm and yet they still stumble and fall in their walk of faith because they had no root. When pressures or persecutions comes to them because of the Word they tend to fall because their root was not in Jesus. In Ephesians 3:17 it says, “…and I pray that you being rooted and established in his love..”, and also in the book of Colossians 2:7, “be rooted and built up in Him”.To be rooted in Him simply means to plant our feet in His love.

There is still a third category of believers who take the Word inside them and meditate on it day and night and they still fall. You might be wondering what went wrong with these believers. Most of the believers, young and old fall under this category. Their main problem are the worries of their day-to-day lives and the seduction of wealth. In Matthew 13:22 “…the worries of his life and deceitfulness of wealth choke the Word, making it unfruitful”. I don’t think as long as we are going to be on earth there is going to be a decline in our problems. But I can tell you all this, if our joy is on Jesus then the obstacles in our life will simply be a small dot on a big circle, negligible enough to be left unnoticed.

Now lets see the last seed that was cast on a good ground. The bible tells us that this seed went on to produce a harvest beyond the sower’s dreams. For us to produce a  good harvest in the spiritual realm we need to take in the pill from heaven into our hearts and not keep on the surface were the enemy can snatch it away easily. We also need to protect it from our selfish motives and desire and plant our feet inside God’s love. Once all this is done we have prepared a good soil within ourselves for the seed to flourish and the harvest will be in superabundance.

Imagine we are having an ailment and we drive miles away to get treated by the best doctor in the country. Now at the hospital the doctor gives you a prescription and tells you to take the pills at intervals instructed by him. You now drive all the way back home and now tell me this. On reaching home if you haven’t bothered taking the pills prescribed by your doctor, is there any use of taking the pain and driving miles away from your house in order to get the best treatment? Today many christians drive away to distant lands in order to hear God’s word from anointed men of God. But let me you this if you are not prepared to take in ‘The Heavenly Pill’ all your efforts in making into the best revival meetings are all going to be in vain.

God is our doctor and he has given us the pill – ‘The Word’ for our treatment and he has also specifically given the duration up to which we are supposed to follow – till the second coming of Christ.


Midhun Mathew is a B.Tech student and a member of HOH church,Manipal. He works with HOH ministries as an author.

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4 thoughts on “The Heavenly Pill

  • Cincinnati Christian

    Midhun; Greetings! We deeply appreciate your post on the sower sows the word. This
    same parable appears in 3 gospels. It’s interesting that in Mark 4:13 Jesus
    said to His followers “Know you not this parable? And how then will you
    know all parables?” [Greek Translation] or, in other words “If you don’t
    understand this illustration, YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND HOW ANYTHING WORKS IN THE
    KINGDOM OF GOD”. Sounds like it’s important for us to understand what He
    is trying to say, doesn’t it? One can’t help but notice that Jesus said,
    “The seed is the word of God” [MAT.13:19,MK.4:14,LK.8:11] Thank God
    that we have a book that we can turn to anytime, anywhere and KNOW what God’s
    opinion is on any given subject! A long time ago a priest, Martin Luther, had a
    radical idea. Here’s what it was, it is referred to as the “Priesthood of
    the Believer”. It was basically this, if any person, anywhere, had the
    ability to read they could understand what God was saying to them through His
    word. This was a radical departure from the Old Testament idea that we needed an
    Ecclesiastical class i.e.; a religious hierarchy to interpret God’s will for
    our lives. He must of got this idea from the gospel of John 1:1-3 where it
    says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word
    was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things through Him came into
    being and without Him came into being not even one thing which has come into
    being.” Verse 14 “And the Word flesh became and tabernacled (lived) among us. And
    we discerned His glory, a glory as of an only begotten with a Father full of
    grace and truth.” In John 10:4 Jesus said, (paraphrasing) My sheep know my
    voice and follow me. In John 14:8 Philip made a statement to Jesus, “Philip
    says to Him, show us the Father and it suffices us (or it is sufficient for us).
    In response Jesus said to Philip, So long a time with you am I and you have not
    known me Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father and how can you say,
    show us the Father?” In other words, Jesus is saying simply this, “If you want
    to know God the Father, get to know me.”

    Your premise was that we should always follow whatever we hear from a pulpit. Do not
    misunderstand us, the clergy have their place, but we are to evaluate
    everything that we hear, especially from a religious leader, in the light of
    what Jesus and the New Testament says. Going from meeting to meeting and only
    surviving, (and that’s what it would be, surviving not living) is a guarantee that
    we will be weak and extremely powerless believers. And trust us on this one, we
    know this because we used to do exactly that! And the result, we were weak and
    extremely powerless believers. It was only until that we got into the Living
    Word ourselves did we start to see the power of God flow in our lives on a day
    to day basis. And the only way to see the power of God flow on a daily basis is
    to spend time in the New Testament on a daily basis.

    With Love, Cincinnati Christian

    • Midhun Mathew

      Praise God!
      Thank you for reading our blog.
      I would like to make a small correction regarding your statement. I believe I never mentioned that we should take in whatever we hear from a pulpit.My message was not about taking in men’s word rather God’s word inside us as word’s of a man of God may go wrong but God’s word stays true. It can never go wrong.

      • Cincinnati Christian

        Dear Midhun,
        You are 1000% right. We were just having a discussion about how in a court of law whatever is written down takes precedence over whatever people say. The word of God contains the thoughts of God. It’s kind of funny that people often say, “Well, you never know what God’s going to do. His ways are higher than our ways.” That is a partial quote from Isaiah 55:8-9. As with many parts of scripture we need to keep reading what else God was saying through the scripture. In verses 10-11 God through Isaiah says, “As the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and do not return there but water the earth and make it bring forth and bud that it may give seen to the sower and bread to the eater. So shall my Word be that goes forth from my mouth. It shall not return to me void (empty/useless) but it shall accomplish what I please and it (the Word) shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” It is very obvious to us that you place God’s Word above the word of man. Within the next several years we are going to see God doing some amazing things to bring glory to the name of Jesus. And He is going to do it through people, like you, who dare take Him at His Word. We all should prepare ourselves for a life that the book of Acts gives us clues to. Or to put it another way, if we think we have seen and heard some amazing things, GET READY, because we haven’t seen anything yet. His Word is working in us and IT WILL accomplish what He wants it to do because we are going to allow it to rule our lives.
        With Love,
        Cincinnati Christian