Gratitude: A re positioned attitude

Gratitude: A re positioned attitude

God is good.
And one of the ways to see His goodness in greater measures is to carry a heart that learns to be grateful.

I think gratefulness is a choice for us to make irrespective of circumstances. We’ve got to take a conscious effort to constantly remind ourselves of how gracious God has been to us. This is us choosing to reposition ourselves to a better perspective of what God has already done rather than fixating on what He hasn’t yet revealed. This repositioning of ourselves brings forth change within us from the inside-out and allows us to see His hands at work with a fresh perspective. It also propels us to a lifestyle of worship, even in the lion’s den.

Everything that He’s given to You by Grace is not by coincidence, but it’s because He chose to give us the best-Life in abundance. A good Father who gives good gifts and whose grace abounds in deepest waters. He strove to give us a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light – a life worth living. 

So can we be a little more grateful for the little that we have? For the Bible says,

Better a little with the fear of the Lord than great wealth with turmoil. -Proverbs 15:16

This fear doesn’t talk about the kind of fear that the world gives, But it’s about you being in Godly awe of His goodness, which propels you to respond in ‘reverential fear’. He’s a good God, and His goodness is worth the tasting! He is faithful to finish what He has started.

Our blog for this week was penned by Guest Author, Sandra M George, a dearly beloved youth of our church and member of the media team. At 19 years old, she is our joy and pride and we are so inspired by her wholehearted love for Jesus and His Bride.

A Lack of Social Distancing?

A Lack of Social Distancing?

The motto of this pandemic situation has been “Maintain Social Distance”. And while in this season, I was moved by the Holy Spirit towards the question “Is there a social distance between you and Me(God)?” 

When we maintain a social distance from the mortal realm, do we also move towards a social distancing with the immortal? Or do we press in further towards He who is eternal? 

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah the prophet in the old covenant, had to go through the season of the wilderness. A truly desperate time.

In verse 4 ‘But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree; and he requested for himself that he might die, and said, “It is enough; now, O Lord, take my life, for I am not better than my fathers.”’

Yet it was in the middle of this wilderness that he learnt to press into His creator even further. 

In the following  verses the Bible says, ‘He lay down and slept under a juniper tree; and behold, there was an angel touching him, and he said to him, “Arise, eat.” Then he looked and behold, there was at his head a bread cake baked on hot stones, and a jar of water. So he ate and drank and lay down again.’

He allowed for God to be his sustenance in a space where humans could no longer reach him. And this pressing in brought about a change in his entire perspective of all that has happened to him. This lack of social distancing from God led him to be a transformed mortal whose work was honorable in the eyes of God and man.

In  1 Kings 19:5 God says “get up and eat”. I believe we can do more in this season than any other before. Let us use this time to GET UP from all those shackles that are desperately holding us down, hindering us from experiencing God in all His goodness and start FEEDING ourselves with the word of God, so that we empower ourselves to fully enjoy our relationship with God. In this lockdown situation, let us build ourselves in Christ as He is our cornerstone. Let us take this time and make use of it to the fullest extent that God desires us to.

May the motto of this pandemic situation be applicable only to the mortal realm and not to the Immortal One.

Our guest author for the week is Vidhya Jacob, a charismatic and lively member of our church in Manipal. At 19, She is one of the youngest members in the church and we are so inspired by her passion for God in her forming years.

A Prophetic Vessel

A Prophetic Vessel

What if the reason Jesus came was not just as a solution to our problems, but to change our response to situations? What if He is more interested in the way you respond to debt, to disease, to hurt, and to failure ? What if He came not just to eradicate the power of sin over our lives, but to transform all of our days? What if He’s interested in using you as a prophetic vessel? What if He is using the entirety of our lives and not just the breakthrough as a means of speaking to generations?

God always did away with the prestige that comes through genealogies. He chose a Hannah to birth a Samuel and a Rahab, a gentile prostitute, to be a part of the genealogy of Jesus.  He used them because their journeys proved far more worthy than the bloodlines they had. 

Let’s take a look at Hannah. Many of us have experienced multiple situations of impossibility, of bareness. How many of us have felt like quitting? Hannah could’ve quit. She could have gotten bitter and angry. But instead, she persisted. She turned her life into a legacy. God was preparing her womb for greatness and she was rewarded with a Samuel for her surrender. She then surrendered even her greatest breakthrough, because of her covenant with Him and received many other.

Hannah’s entire life had become a testimony, it wasn’t just the breakthrough which came as a Samuel. The crushing brought out the sweetest wine.And we all have the same choice. We can let the problem destroy us completely hardening our hearts or surrender to God and bring about the sweetness of Jesus through us. 

Today when we look to Hannah, we are amazed at the way she persisted in God. We are amazed at the way she leaned onto God. Her entire life became a prophetic sign to us. A sign that God doesn’t turn away from our bareness. A sign that persistence brings fruit.

As you read this, I invite you to cry out to God to use your life the way He wants to use it. Give your whole life to Jesus, not just your impossibilities. Give yourself as clay in the potter’s hands. Let Him mature you on the inside, building a strength that no man can break. And let that become a prophetic sign to the nations.  In today’s time, we are given so much more than what Hannah had at that point in her life. We have the sweet Holy Spirit inside of us. We don’t need to wait a year to listen to the voice of Jesus as Hannah did. We have everyday, every moment with Him waiting for us to turn to Him. 

God isn’t just interested in whether you birth your Samuel, your biggest breakthrough. He is interested in using the entirety of your life. The way you live, the way you speak, the way you think, the way you move. He is interested in the way you respond. 

If God could do so much with a yielded Hannah in the old covenant, then how much more can He do with yielded men and women in the New Covenant?

Will you give Him your whole life today?

Our Guest author for this week has chosen to remain anonymous

Agape in my Home

Agape in my Home

God is Love.

Pure, Holy, Unconditional and Unending.

Are we longing for a love of that nature?

One defined by Him?

Or are we chasing another?

For in the relationship where You are the third cord,

There is steadfast confidence.

That which you have joined together,

No man can tear asunder.

I need, Oh Lord, I need

Agape in my home

So I trust Your timing and

I surrender to Your will

What is it that You want from me, Abba?

Patience and trust?

In that I lack severely.

Yet I know in surety

Your grace will suffice.

But You foreknew, we cannot love truly,

Without You ingrained in us,

Even so You’ve always loved and given,

Always the first.

Such Mercy, we never deserved.

And this is a part of me that desires to love like You,

You’ve created this in me.

I’ll long for it and I’m not ashamed of it.

I want You to be the centre of everything.

And in You, I choose to want everything.

I want, Oh Lord, I want

Agape in my home.

Our blog for this week is a beautiful poem was penned by Guest Author, Sandra M George, a dearly beloved youth of our church and member of the media team. At 19 years old, she is our joy and pride and we so inspired by her wholehearted love for Jesus and His Bride.

Vision and perspective

Vision and perspective

We all as a race and a creation have encountered an unpleasant surprise for the past few months. It’s been difficult for those front liners who’ve been engaged in battling it. Trying to get a breakthrough and overcome this situation at hand. At the same time other’s have had different experiences. Divergent with struggles and blissful moments, trials and the time to reflect and rest; time to really connect with those who are very close and precious to them.

We know that there have been challenges of all sorts that we’ve faced and even through it all, we know, that God has seen us through. He has brought us thus far and surely will do it again.

One such incident we see is in the story and book of Samuel, wherein the children of Israel have a persistent enemy and there’s a Samuel who asks the children to turn their hearts to God, to prepare their hearts and serve Him only, and to get rid of all other gods. All of this took place when the whole nation was asked to gather in one place, unified, and here we see how God delivered them; not just that but they went on to take more territory.

My vision, belief and perception through all of it as I hear our Father speak is this; there’s coming in unity, collaborations with humanity and a family centric posture in the hearts of people. Differences, timelines, targets and every other secondary aspect of life are being rearranged back to its order of belonging. The more important aspects of life like love, empathy, selflessness, being there for our neighbors, gratitude for what we already have, thankfulness for all things, and a heart open to God is what is being topped in the priority chain.

After this realigning occurs, I believe we’re going to see a rise in unity in all fronts, business, corporates etc. But not just that, the body of Christ is entering a season of unity and aligning to kingdom’s pursuit.

I am excited for what lies ahead for us. I believe gatherings are going to increase in different locations of the city. Every believer walking aware of being a son/daughter and a called one.Every family being a host and desiring and pursuing God’s manifest presence. Praises, prayers and declarations therefore rising from every locality, every corner, in cities and nations. I’m joyful as I write this because we’re walking into greater grace to take over new territories, to reignite the backslidden. To reap what was once prayers and cries from years past. The church is awakening and we’re going to reap an abundant harvest, i.e in knowing our son-ship. And hence I’d encourage all our readers to find this perspective in the midst of everything, to know we’re His own, to build altars as families and individuals, to be aware of The Anointed One, who is with us and to continue to experience Him and dwell in Him. So we could be equipped for all that lies ahead, for all He’s purposed on the earth as in heaven.

Just like the children of Israel, we’re also moving in a season where we are taking new territories, expanding His domain and just as the children of Israel were unified and in a place of preparing their hearts and seeking the Lord and building altars, we also have an invitation to draw close and dwell in the presence of the lord. Invited to be so close and intimate with Him, to know Him, to love Him, to experience His love towards us, and that experience would lead us to a lifestyle of desiring more of Him and His Kingdom beyond this season into the purposes He has for these times and the ones to follow.


Our Guest author for the week is Eston D’souza, a devoted lover of Christ and valued member of our church in Manipal. Eston embraces his experiences, allowing them to be used for the glory of God, ministering the good news to all whom he encounters in this new life with Christ.