Remembering Gods Grace Through Your Ages 2

Today while taking a break at work, I was googling the word “remember” and I came across this definition. “Remember – To bring to one’s mind an awareness of someone/something from the past!” As terrible as the past we might have had, we often forget that our past was abundant […]

Adonai and Abba / The Heart of the The Father 5

“God is love” is what we are told as children at church or in Sunday schools. As a child, it was easy to believe the God who created the heavens and the earth is able to love us unconditionally. It was easy to believe that the darkness stepped away so […]

A God Who Promises

I was 9 years old when I moved away from India to the Middle East and experienced the stress of change. I could barely speak any English; I was surrounded by people who seemed to shine much brighter than me. I couldn’t find common ground with anyone and I was […]

Binding Delilah 2

Judges chapter 13, begins on a heavy note. A single verse describes four decades of oppression, a people gone astray from a faithful God, a loving God exacting justice over His beloved nation for their evil. Samson and the Spirit of the Lord We meet Manoah and his wife, a […]

Child Like – Part 2 6

Warning : Jesus is contagious! A child-like heart gives us a whole new perspective on God. I have seen the way my 2 year old dances to music and, let me tell you, that’s what we called “undignified”. Her steps have no meaning to us but when God sees her […]

Child Like – Part 1 3

My daughter is almost 2 now. Among the things that I am still learning from her is love and joy. All that I see her do the entire day is laugh around. Even if we fake cry, she comes and hugs. This is because babies are born with Jesus in […]

The Stone That Rolled Away 4

Those who have heard about Jesus would have heard that He was crucified; buried in a tomb and three days later he rose again. In the Bible Mark 16:1-6 describes the events of that third day starting at dawn. Three women namely Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and […]

Paid in Full

Today many people live in rejection and condemnation. Sin has convicted them and has held them prisoners in its grasp. The following blog is it motivate everyone to look upto the finished work of Christ so that we may be set free from every condemnation from the devil and live in truth. Look upto the cross, its all PAID IN FULL.

The Heavenly Pill 4

Many of us are familiar with the parable of the sower (Matt 13:1-23). Here Jesus talks about four different seeds or rather four different kinds of people who take in and respond to the ‘Word’ or what I call ‘The Heavenly Pill’. We are all encouraged by the message God […]

Love Never Walks Away 5

Amidst the laughter and words, it suddenly struck me that she had left the room. I went in search of her and saw that she had quietly tucked herself into bed. The lights were off.