Remembering Gods Grace Through Your Ages 3

Today while taking a break at work, I was googling the word “remember” and I came across this definition. “Remember – To bring to one’s mind an awareness of someone/something from the past!” As terrible as the past we might have had, we often forget that our past was abundant […]

Adonai and Abba / The Heart of the The Father 5

“God is love” is what we are told as children at church or in Sunday schools. As a child, it was easy to believe the God who created the heavens and the earth is able to love us unconditionally. It was easy to believe that the darkness stepped away so […]

A God Who Promises

I was 9 years old when I moved away from India to the Middle East and experienced the stress of change. I could barely speak any English; I was surrounded by people who seemed to shine much brighter than me. I couldn’t find common ground with anyone and I was […]

Binding Delilah 2

Judges chapter 13, begins on a heavy note. A single verse describes four decades of oppression, a people gone astray from a faithful God, a loving God exacting justice over His beloved nation for their evil. Samson and the Spirit of the Lord We meet Manoah and his wife, a […]

Child Like – Part 2 6

Warning : Jesus is contagious! A child-like heart gives us a whole new perspective on God. I have seen the way my 2 year old dances to music and, let me tell you, that’s what we called “undignified”. Her steps have no meaning to us but when God sees her […]